New to Web development ? Let’s learn how to get started with Django.
Fast and easy way to start web development with a framework which is flexible and has advantages over other frameworks is Django. Django has a Model-Template-View architecture. It sounds weird initially but it’s easy to understand as you get along.

Here are some quick facts about Django:
1. Fast and saves time in development.
2. A huge set of libraries and modules to work with.
3. More secure.

Let’s start with a hello world” to get a hold on Django as a framework. I personally use VS code for any programming I do in web development. You can choose your own IDE.

* Installation steps:

Create a folder . Example: hello. Go into the folder and give the following commands.

$ pip3 install pipenv$ pipenv install Django==2.1$ pipenv shell$ django-admin startproject demo_project . 

demo_project is the name of new project. You can give a name as you wish.

Note: “period” lets you create the project in the same folder you are in.

Once you have created the project, check if Django is installed the way it has to be.

$ python runserver

If a 404 error page is displayed, it says Django is installed or the following page will be displayed.

Lookup for under the folder demo_project and it should look like this.

from django.contrib import admin
from django.urls import path
from . import views
urlpatterns = [
path(‘hello/’, views.hello),

Note: ‘Period’ lets you import the views file from same directory.

Create a page that is going to be accessed and set a path for it.

Create a views page under the same directory. The views page will look like this.

from django.http import HttpResponsedef hello(request):
return HttpResponse(‘Hello world!’)

To run your code use the command:

Python runserver

Navigate to your localhost:8000/hello

Voila !

From here, next step would be to make a simple todo app with add and delete features in it.

I will follow up with an update in upcoming Django articles.

Happy Coding Folks!

Master's in Computer science at UTA,Texas.